We are EyeTech Securities located in Vanuvampet, Chennai and Veerapandi, Tirupur in two major cities. We have a experience of about 5 years in this CCTV Security Systems Installation and Services. We are one of the leading installers in Chennai and in Tirupur with more experience and great customer satisfaction. Our Success aim is by giving satisfaction to our customers with best quality and with best Prices.


We are licensed to sales and install CCTV Cameras. So that Our customers will always prefer Us and also because of our Quality and Price. We will always gives the best in the market to our customers. We have got good fames with our esteemed customers and all our customers are with well satisfaction. Our Executives are responsible to sort out our customer comments. As they are responsible, our customers are more satisfied with our work and we always worry and take care about our customer comments.


We will give instant services to our customers as soon as they contact us for any service purpose or any other Technical support. Our Team also gives instant Technical support when the customer needs at the time of any Investigating Purpose or at any time our customers need.