Service Policy

1)We, Eye Tech Securities will give 6 Month & 1 Year Free Service to the customer who wish to have Support, not for all customers.

2)Free Service means, we will give support through Online/Mail/Whatsapp/Call/Message.Its Our wish to give Onsite Service to our customers.

3)It may take upto 10 days to attend the service from the date of complaint registered. In some case we may take more than 10 days due to the availability of staffs.

4)Our Service is free only for the work we can do. If any materials cause damage or repair, you can claim material warranty only from the Manufacturer.

5)If the service/repair caused by Customer, we have the rights to charge them accordingly. If such customers deny to pay, we will discontinue the service for them without Intimation/Notification.

6)We will not be responsible for any material damage/repair during Installation and after Installation.

7)We will give free service only if the mistake is due to our Product. If the repairis due to Customer's material, we will charge for that service.

8)Demo will be shown on the time of Installation. If customers done any activity like(Logout,Delete device,etc.,), we are not responsible for such activity and customer should be payable.

9)If any material cause damage due to Power fluctuation, we are not responsible and such service will be chargeable.